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London, Part I

Posted in London, travel by carolineyi on May 9, 2013

I’m never super spontaneous, but this February after I decided to spend a little vacation time on myself, I bought a plane ticket to London less than a week before I departed…






Posted in food, travel by carolineyi on February 23, 2013

Alright, so now that I’ve caught you up on October, let me tell you about November. Now, November was weird because Hurricane Sandy hit on October 30, and affected the rest of the year: the city cancelled the Halloween parade, cancelled the NYC marathon, transportation was down, stores were busted… I just felt really different, and I felt really sad for all the damage and loss caused by the storm. Then the nor’easter came shortly to bring more snow, ughh.

THEN, I WENT TO LA FOR WORK. What!!! Yea.. so cool. Anyway, for some reason I don’t have photos from the LA trip, except for some instagrams:


Ugh, I hate posting instagrams on my blog, I think. Anyway, follow me @ therealcarolineyi! (The username “carolineyi” was taken, but now I sound pretentious, yea yea)



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So let’s see.. I left off in October. That’s 5 months of catching up! So I’ll start with one of the best days of October: the day I went hiking in Harriman State Park with my BFF Chelsea on her birthday.


What a wonderful day!! I’m actually glad I took so long to step away from the photos because I went through them, and I really felt like I relived it.. like how beautiful it was, how peaceful, with very few people, but with 3 people I really like, and how perfect the weather was.. It was just a great way to spend a birthday, I think!



So behind

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I’m so so behind on blogging. What is up with that!! Just in case you keep checking back and seeing if I’ll post something… I WILL!!!! Thanks for wondering (: 



Posted in New York City, personal by carolineyi on November 3, 2012

I’m back home!!! Power, internet, water.. everything is normal! 😀

THANKS again to all my friends… I can’t thank yall enough.

More on Sandy

Posted in New York City, personal by carolineyi on November 2, 2012

Oh Sandy, why did you have to make my apt lose power and water??

On Tuesday, after Hurricane Sandy hit, my sister and I explored downtown Manhattan, which was all closed down and powerless (no traffic lights), but full of other curious new yorkers. I stood in the middle of Broadway in SoHo.. and there were barely any cars interested in going south.

(And now taxis are supposed to take multiple stops for passengers, negotiate flat fees instead of metered fares, and cars must have at least 3 people to cross the bridges. The rules are changing and being made up!)


Hurricane Sandy

Posted in New York City, personal by carolineyi on October 31, 2012

In case anyone is crazy enough to think I’m crazy enough to post during this hurricane.. or if you’re bored. Yes, this is my Hurricane Sandy update post! Here’s the Statue of Liberty at a distance, view from Battery City Park:

So I took more photos, but I don’t have much time with a computer and internet. I’ll make another post from photos I took on Tuesday, after Sandy hit. Right now, I made it to work in Times Square, since there is electricity north of 40th st, and everything is functioning normally. Here’s what happened:

Monday morning: Work, of course, was cancelled with all the trains suspended. Christine and I walked around downtown Manhattan, exploring Battery City Park. It was so beautiful and eerie! Sandy hadn’t arrived yet, so things were normal, but the waters were getting rough. Quite a lot of people also walking around. Here are a couple of instagram photos I took… (follow me! @therealcarolineyi)

Monday night: Sandy was on its way to the east coast, so we were sitting tight in our apt in SoHo (Houston St, which is considered downtown Manhattan). The power went out around 8:30 pm that night, during Christine’s shower. Luckily we still had running water! So I read from my Nook, and Christine played with her PS Vita. We had one flashlight and one candle, which we walked around with, and we explored the empty streets.. completely dark with the exception of a police car driving by every 10 minutes. We gave our doorman a giant sandwich with all our turkey, cheese, tomato, lettuce, and mayo, and gave him a giant travel cup of water. Had to throw all the pershiables away. We slept well that night, as the rain and wind weren’t that severe yet…

before and after, in SoHo:

Tuesday: Work of course was cancelled again. The streets, subway tracks, and edges of the city were flooded. Christine and I got up at 9 am and explored downtown Manhattan.. not THAT crazy, but lots of store signs on the streets and downed trees. After walking around for a few hours, we got home around 2pm, and realized we lost our water. We had to quickly find a way uptown where we’d have cell service, power to charge phones, and a place to use a restroom! We hopped into a cab (they were doing multiple pickups/ dropoffs -great!), and went anywhere north. LUCKILY, my friend Kerrie texted that she would take us in! We got out on 55th street, got into her apt, and charged up. And even more lucky, is that she had room for us to stay in her 2nd apt for the night!! So we found refuge, showered, and rested well (:

Wednesday: that’s today. We’re still without water, power, and service back home. We’re expected to be without utilities until/thru Saturday. Hopefully, power will be restored sooner! I could do without power.. but without a toilet? I know, I’m spoiled. We woke up early to head home and pack up clothes and supplies for the next 3 days, just in case. So then we both went to work.

Anyway, I’ll post photos up tomorrow perhaps, and until then.. Back to bouncing around town, trying to find shelter! I REALLY HOPE everyone is safe out there!!!!! Thinking of all my NYC/ NJ friends right now. and I can’t go without saying thanks!! Thanks SO MUCH to all my friends near and far who have checked in with me and offered me shelter and a shower. I am realizing who and how many friends I have, and I’m so lucky we’re safe and out of danger.

Anyway, I gotta get home before the sun sets.. I would definitely not survive the zombie apocalypse.

Be safe, my friends!!

Wiley-Lee wedding weekend

Posted in Texas, travel by carolineyi on October 18, 2012

On October 13, my friends Sam + Whitney got married.

Married!! But somehow, I didn’t take a lot of photos when I was super excited about being able to shoot a wedding that I was invited to! I just had way too fun being there that I didn’t remember to take many photos. The memories are pretty solidly awesome, so that’s good enough (:



Posted in baked goods, food, New York City by carolineyi on August 21, 2012

A few weekends ago, I went to my coworker Bart’s SoHo rooftop film party. It was pretty sweet. and my sister made the desserts! It was pretty humid that day… but it was a good time and his short film was nice! Gotta take advantage of the summer.


Lazy summer

Posted in travel by carolineyi on July 16, 2012

Somehow I’m finding myself away from the computer more these days.. which is a bit unfortunate for my blog! OH, but the summertime is treating me well. Lauren and I went to Kerrie & Bernie’s summer house in Bethel a couple weekends ago… What an amazing getaway! And unfortunately, now that I’m addicted to instagram (@therealcarolineyi!), I didn’t carry my camera to the lake and our bike/job through the woods… But here are some snapshots I did manage to catch!